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Yangzhou University
Yangzhou University

Location: Yangzhou Intake: March/October
Tuition fee for MBBS: RMB 22000 / y Duration: 6 years
Medium of Teaching: English
Programs: MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)
Recognition: World Health Organization (W.H.O) , MOE, and eligible of PLAB (UK) , USMLE

Programe Offered


Programs Medium  Duration Fee RMB
MBBS English 6 years 22,000
Chinese Medicine Chinese 5 years 18,000
Acupuncture Chinese 5 years 18,000
Nursing Chinese 5 years 18,000
Pharmacy Chinese 4 years 18,000
Dentestry Chinese 5 years 18,000
Public Health Chinese 4 years 18,000
Bio-Technology Chinese 4 years 18,000
Veterinary Medicine Chinese 5 years 18,000



Programs Medium  Duration Fee RMB
MD/MS Chinese 3 years 25,000
Chinese Medicine Chinese 3 years 25,000
Acupuncture Chinese 3 years 25,000
Nursing Chinese 3 years 25,000
Pharmacy Chinese 3 years 25,000
Public Health Chinese 3 years 25,000
Basic Medicine Chinese 3 years 25,000
Bio-Technology Chinese 3 years 25,000
Dentestry Chinese 3 years 25,000



Yangzhou University is a university in Jiangsu Province, China. The university grew out of a merger on May 19, 1992 of six existing colleges. The school has around 2,000 faculty and 31,000 undergraduates. It offers 92 undergraduate programs covering 11 disciplines.

YZU has been striving to provide quality education to its students and emphasize the practical application of knowledge students learn in the classroom. To make excellent contributors to our society and well-rounded citizens, YZU spares no efforts in developing students' social, moral and cultural sensitivity in addition to their intellectual ability while taking care of their individuality.

YZU is a comprehensive learning institution in real sense. The programs and research going on at YZU include almost all the disciplines and branches of sciences: humanity, science, business, engineering, architecture, computer, medicine, art, music, agriculture, animal husbandry, etc.

The success of YZU is based on the high standard of its faculty. Around 2,000 faculty members work on campus, including around 1000 professors and associate professors. 97 faculty members are entitled to State Fund for Specialists, 29 are entitled as Outstanding Contribution-making Young Experts by the government. Through its 24 schools (School of Chinese Language and Literature, Social Development, Law, Educational Science and Technology (The Teachers’ College), Foreign Languages, Mathematical Science, Physical Science and Technology, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Physical Education, Mechanical Engineering, Information Engineering, Architectural Science and Engineering, Water Conservancy and Hydraulic Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Agriculture, Animal Science and Technology, Veterinary Science, Bio-science and Bio-technology, Economics, Management, Medicine, Arts, Tourism and Cuisine (Food Science), and Guangling College (university investment), YZU offers its 31,000 undergraduates 92 undergraduate programs covering 11 disciplines. At undergraduate level, the university now has over 16,000 adult students in its continued education programs. Undergraduate programs are also available for students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

With their solid academic ground and keen sense to practice, 79% of the graduates of YZU can find jobs immediately upon their graduation.

At the graduate level, around 3800 graduate students are studying in 21 doctoral and 122 master's programs, in which around 748 faculties are involved as doctoral and master's program supervisors.

To facilitate teaching and researches, the university has worked hard to find financial resources to update its laboratories and teaching facilities. YZU has 1 national key laboratory and 14 ministerial and provincial key laboratories, and 37 teaching laboratory centers.

YZU has 7 libraries with a collection of 3.25 million volumes of books and journals. The libraries are especially proud of their collection of rare Chinese classics. Journals from around the world can be found here. The university also has its own Yangzhou University Journal (Humanities and Social Sciences Edition, Natural Science Edition and Higher Education Research Edition), Jiangsu Agricultural Research, Jiangsu Clinical Medicine Journal and Yangzhou University Cuisine Journal.

YZU attaches great importance to its connection with industry and manufacturing, and closely combines industry, teaching and research together. It takes advantage of its research achievements to aid the development of local economy. There are now over 900 research projects underway at the university, including 65 national projects listed in 863 Hi-tech Projects, 973 High-tech Projects and National Priority Projects for the Ninth Five-year Plan, and 144 provincial- or ministerial-level research projects. Ever since the ninth five-year plan of the university began, the research projects have achieved great success. More than 260 research accomplishments have received awards at provincial or national level. The annual research fund amounts to over 120 Million RMB, ranking far above other universities of the same level.

YZU holds that international exchange and cooperation and the interaction of different cultures will promote the university's development and elevate its academic level. YZU has established ties with institutions of higher education in over 10 countries. More than 100 foreign language teachers and experts and over 2500 foreign scholars have taught, delivered lectures or participated in academic exchange programs over the past few years. Meanwhile, over 700 faculty members were sent abroad for academic visits, advanced studies, research cooperation or attendance at international academic conferences. Besides the exchanges at the faculty and researchers level, exchanges at the student level are also steadily developing. The number of international students in Yangzhou University is on the rise as is the number of Chinese students learning English, causing any foreigner in town to be bothered constantly with offers of false friendship with a true desire to use the foreigner for practice.




Located in the central part of Jiangsu Province, Eastern China, Yangzhou is the meeting point of the Grand Canal (connecting Beijing and Hangzhou) and the Yangtze River. First built in the Spring and Autumn Period (about 500 A.C.), and since the Sui Dynasty (about 600 A.D.), Yangzhou has been a city of economic and cultural importance. In the Tang Dynasty, Yangzhou became a famous port and one of the few biggest cities in East Asia.

With the prosperity of the local economy and easy transportation access, there arose in the history a distinctive local culture, which has an important place in Chinese culture. Many eminent men of letters, poets, artists, scholars, statesmen, scientists and national heroes in the history were born in, lived in or had connection with Yanghzou. Li Bai, one of the greatest Chinese poets visited and stayed in Yangzhou several times in his life and one of his famous poems about Yanghzou has been so popular that Chinese of all ages can sing it and has become a symbol of Yangzhou . Zheng Benqiao, a famous Chinese painting painter in the Qing Dynasty heading a group called “Eight Eccentrics”, had profoundly influenced Chinese paintings. Wang Zhong and Yuan Yuan and some other scholars formed school of Yangzhou Scholars and achieved great success in the study of classic Chinese and literature. Zhu Ziqing, one of most famous modern Chinese writers and scholars, had always been proud of himself as a native of Yangzhou and thanked the city for being nourished by its rich culture. Quite a few other names you may come across frequently in the study of Chinese culture and history have connection with Yangzhou . Yangzhou was so attractive and important that many Chinese emperors in history had come specially to visit or inspect the city. Emperor Suiyan, who ordered to cut the Great Canal so that he could come more easily and quickly, died on his last trip to the city and buried here. Emperor Qianlong had come all the way form the north and visited the city nine times.

A culture-loaded city with a history of over 2,500 years, Yangzhou is deemed to be a museum of Chinese cultures and a beautiful Chinese garden. Small and quiet as it is, you have an easy access to all latest modern convenience here, too, while enjoying traditional heritage.

Through all the ages, men of letters have lavishly praised Yangzhou in prose and poetry, pouring their love and yearning for this city in the most beautiful language. This is the only city in China that receives such an honour and it deserves, too.




 Animal Science & Technology


 Bio-science & Bio-Technology


 Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

 Chinese Language & Literature

 Civil Science and Engineering

 Educational Science (Teachers' Education)

 Energy and Power Engineering

 Environmental Science & Engineering

 Foreign Studies

 Horticulture & Plant Protection

 Hydraulic Science & Engineering

 Information Engineering

 Journalism and Communication


 Mathematical Science

 Mechanical Engineering


 Physical Education

 Physical Science & Technology

 Social Science

 Tourism & Cuisine (Food Science & Engineering)

 Veterinary Medicine

The student can apply in any of one the following options

Option 1 : By filling  Online Application Form

Option 2 : By Downloading the Application form given in the Downloads page,
Print it, Fill it and send us a scanned copy by email to

After You Submit Your Application

1. We will be informing you by the letter of acceptance from the university through an email..

2. The student has to pay the application and processing fee after the acceptance by the university.

3. Once the student pays the application fee, we will send all the documents like Acceptance letter, Admission letter, JW201/ JW202 and visa letter from the university by post which will help the students to apply for the visa in Chinese embassy or Consulate. All the processing will take around 10 days to one month.

4. After the visa is issued the student should notify us the date of his/her journey and we will be arraigning all the necessary things like hostel room, bedding and others in the university.

5. We will be receiving the students at the nearest airport, bus station or railway station which is free of cost.

6. Then the student applies for the visa in the nearest Embassy/ Consulate  your country.

7. The visa is issued and you notify us of the  date of journey nearest airport to the University.

8. University officials and our officials shall be there in the airport to receive the student.

9. He/She is put in hostel of the university.

10. The next day the student pays the tuition fee to the international student department and joins the

11. If the student has any problems, our officials are there 24 hours to help the student



 Bachelor’s program

Materials to be submitted to us:

1. Minimum a high secondary graduate with good health and no criminal record.

2. Applicants must have passed Grade Twelve (10+2)/FSc./A Level or equivalent for Undergraduate study and must have passed Bachelors degree for Masters Study.

3. Minimum 50% score

4. Age limit 18-30 years for bachelors.


Master's Program


Materials to be submitted to us:

1 Bachelor's Degree Academic records of Bachelor program

2  Passport (Relevant pages

3 Two recommendation Letters from
professors/associate professors.

4  A completed Appication form with photo glued
and initial

 Ph.D. Program

Materials to be submitted to us:

1 Passport (Relevant pages)

2  Master's Degree Academic records of Master

3  Two recommendation Letters from
professors/associate professors.

4  A completed Application form with photo glued
and initial




Room 504 Unit 2 Building Tongxin garden

Zhuangshi Avenue No.8 Jiangbei District, Ningbo,

Zhejiang, P.R China

Phone: +86-188-58-08-48-77


For admission:

Skype: goldendragon.consultancy