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About Us
  1. Fast service, response within 24 hours.
  2. 24/7 service available.
  3. 100% admission and visa guarantee for countries like China, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Singapore or money back.
  4. We don’t promise a lot but we try to do a lot than our promise.
  5. We are exclusive representatives for many universities in china and India.
  6. We have enrolled over 1500 students to china since 2005 especially for MBBS and engineering.

 Our Moto And Vision is the Internet's leading online portal source of information on educational opportunities for students to study in other countries. It is a comprehensive directory of study abroad programs, including summer study abroad, internship, service learning and volunteer abroad programs, high school study abroad, intensive language programs and more, all organized by subject or country or city. International education support through our study abroad handbook provides a guide to education abroad, health and safety and study abroad scholarship/financial aid information. is associated with Golden Dragon International Education Pvt. Ltd. herein after referred as GODA. GODA is a leading Professional Consultancy which has been established with the motive to provide better service to the students willing to study abroad. We assist students in finding better universities abroad which will lead towards their destiny. We believe education plays the revolutionary role in someone’s life & fate on which further future of the country depends, so we should seek for better education, and for this GODA has always been with the students to lead them to their destiny. This is an exciting opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences in an important area which is education. Our students are eager to study, Graduate, Under Graduate and Diploma courses in various countries intriguing various programs, so we have to guide them through what are the requirements of colleges and universities.

GODA has assisted students whose dream is to acquire global education and GODA mends their career in right pathway. The main objective of GODA is to be a one-stop education centre for students going overseas.

Our services are unbeatable with high quality. Time is money and we provide prompt services. Clear communication to our students and stakeholders plays the key role to efficiency in our company. Unlike others, we do no promise what we can't perform, rather we under promise and exceed in our performance

     In recent years GODA has Cooperation’s with many universities abroad, like in China, UK, USA, Finland, Cyprus, New Zealand, Poland, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Germany, South Africa, Hungary,  UAE, and Ukraine. We enroll students from different parts of the world to our cooperative universities. GODA has set its offices and cooperation in many countries like in Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, UAE, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Egypt, Romania and Germany. Around 142 different main agencies in the above countries are working with GODA to enroll students and helping students to choose good and qualitative universities abroad.

  We are not a recruitment agency. We do not consider a prospective student as a mere marketing product. We are equipped to guide career pathways and appropriate study destinations, Educational Institutes more attuned to the needs and ambitions of students.
      It is our aim to equip our students with highly recognized qualifications, skills and experience which will further lead their career aspirations and enrich their future lives. All educational Institutes offered by us are of high repute and the qualifications achieved are recognized in China, UK, USA, Cyprus, New Zealand, Poland, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Germany, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and as well as in other Countries.

     We provide job placements for the foreigner experts from different countries and also help universities to enroll foreign teachers as per requirement of the course.  We enroll teachers for Medical subjects, Business management and English languages.

2. Our Services:

Our services are of the highly professional .GODA is the platform which provides a stop to the students with expert counselling in all aspects of overseas university study. GODA is a regular ‘stop off’ destination for representatives from our cooperative education institutions. This gives students the opportunity to meet the universities ‘face to face’ before enrolling in the degree course most appropriate to their circumstances.

We regularly inform our students about the latest courses in the educational field including the progress of their documentation in the university and institute they have applied.

Our cooperative institutes and Students can be assured that their business can be transacted with maximum efficiency at any time. 

We offer:

We offer counselling in various sectors with highly professional counsellors who has years of experience in the different fields of education and business and thus they can lead our students to their destiny.


Our services include:


1. Assessment of students’ qualification and advice on appropriate academic programmes.

2. Assistance and selection of the qualitative universities according to the budget and interest of the students.

3. Part time employment opportunities.

Processing of Application:

We help students to get the application form of university, reviewing it, Submission of documents on behalf of students. Follow-up for admission and Jw202/Jw201, Visa & Invitation letter.

Assistance for getting Visa

We provide guidance to the students for the visa application and getting the visa from the Embassies.

Pre-departure Briefing

-We provide flight booking service to the students and reservation and arrangement of on –Campus accommodation.

-Procedure for the payment of tuition fee to the university with necessary information’s required before departure.

5. Post- Departure follow-up

We provide airport pickup service from the university after arrival; coordinate with students in any kinds of problem and difficulties arising in the overseas.

Further Assistance

Our service does not end with the guidance counselling or selection of students to the University or Education Institutes. Our representative in study destination will always be available to the needs of the students.  

3.Our Team

The GODA team is a group of people who are well traveled, experienced in foreign education, always there to assist you and best of all, they are people who have studied abroad themselves. We know what it's like to move into a new home, in a new country, with a new language and it's this first-hand experience which makes us true professionals when it comes to studying abroad.

We want to see all of our students leave our program feeling that they are leaving the best experience of their life. For some of our students, this will be their first time outside of their country and their first exposure to a new culture. We recognize that this is not always an easy adjustment and our orientations help take away some of the surprise and guesswork that often leads to anxiety. No question or request is too small, so please, call us 0086-18858084877 or email us to  with any question that you may have. We look forward to speaking with you soon!